The Fall We Raced Alone

October 24-25

PSDSA will hold the first and hopefully only Virtual ‘Rona Dryland Race October 24-25, 2020. You will chose your distance and team size and run somewhere near you. You can run alone, or you can run with a friend (following your local covid safety regulations).

How it works:  You map out a course that you can safely run.  Distances within a quarter mile of the class are ok; we can adjust your time.  For example, you can run a 1.75 to 2.25 mile trail for the 2 mile class.  You can run both days but you will submit only your best time. Make sure you know your exact distance because you will enter that also.

You may enter more than one team if that’s how your kennel rolls. Speaking of rolling, rolling is fun on wheels when a dog is pulling you, but you must come to a complete stop before you start your time.

If you are running with friends, please maintain distance or wear a mask!

Please share photos, videos, and/or your run details if you are using an app, to our Facebook event page or club page. Please also share any stories, tall or true, that you would have shared around the campfire after the race. If you are not on Facebook but have something great to share, please email the webmaster and send your photos, videos, or stories to use on our website.

It’s a race, so we’ll have participation awards and placements and all of that good stuff that you competitive types crave.

Classes offered: 2 mile, 4 mile, 6 mile canicross, bike, scooter and cart/motorless atv

Count your dogs! Canicrossers may run with 1-2 dogs in any class. Those racing on bike or scooter may use 1-2 dogs in the 2 mile class and 1-3 dogs in the 4 and 6 mile class. If you are racing with a cart/rig, you may race with 2-4 dogs in the 2 mile, 4-6 in the 4 mile, and 6 or more for the 6 mile. No motor assist for atvs.

You must be at least 14 to participate, and need your parent’s permission if you are under 18. Please train responsibly and cover your melon; helmets really do protect your noggin’.

Entry fee is $5 per team.
Deadline for entry is Friday, October 23rd by 11:59pm

Deadline to submit scores is 11:59pm October 25, 2020