Chemult Sled Dog Race

No race planned for 2023

Walt Haring SnoPark, Chemult, Oregon

Sponsored By

Pacific Sled Dog and Skijoring Association — PSDSA and the community of Chemult

Race Details

The Chemult Sled Dog Race offers a variety of classes for experienced and novice racers. The courses travel through beautiful forested terrain in the eastern Cascades

Class Offered

  • 22 mile 8-10 dog mid-distance.
  • 18-mile 6-dog mid-distance
  • 8 mile 8-dog sprint
  • 6 mile 6-dog sprint
  • 4 mile 4-dog sprint
  • 2.4 mile 2-dog junior/recreational
  • 6 mile skijor
  • 4 mile recreational skijor
  • Pee Wee (Saturday only)