Sled Dogs Much of the content of this site are links to web sites/pages that will help you learn more about mushing. It will take a little work to dig through this info…but hey! Get used to it! One thing getting into sled dogs guarantees is plenty of hard work! Training a sled dog should begin early in the life of a canine athlete. A strong foundation of training and socialization will foster a dog’s ability to pull a sled and create a confident adult sled dog.

SkiJoring   look for articles on skijoring and 16 steps to prepare for the skijoring season.   the North American Skijoring and Ski Pulk Association site has information on training, dog care, ski tips and more.   is the website of the Northern Lights Skijor Club and offers good information for the new skijorer.    good photographs showing how to put a harness on a dog.