Registration for the 2024 Bachelor Butte Dog Derby

    One entry form is required for each driver. Please submit additional entry forms for additional drivers.

    **** We will not accept entries submitted after 5pm on Wednesday before the race *****
    Bib draw for all events is Wednesday evening before the race.

    25-mile Open15-mile Sled9-mile Sled5-mile Sled5-mile SkiNone
    Fee $50 per entry

    1.5-mile Sled1.5-mile SkiNone
    Fee $30 per entry

    Passenger Car onlyDog Truck onlyRV or Step VanVehicle with Trailer

    I hereby apply to participate in the Bachelor Butte Dog Derby sled dog race, hosted by Pacific Sled Dog and Skijor Association (PSDSA), and to abide by the Bachelor Butte Dog Derby Rules as posted to the PSDSA website. I acknowledge that sled dog sports are an inherently dangerous sport in which serious injuries to persons and dogs as well as damage to equipment can occur. I further acknowledge that I am participating in this activity at my own risk. No abuse of dogs will be tolerated.

    I understand that PSDSA is a corporation formed to advance the sport of sled dog racing, activities or events, and that their efforts directly benefit me. In consideration of my being permitted to participate in this event, on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns and personal representatives, I hereby waive, release and forever discharge PSDSA and any organization or individuals involved in organizing and/or sponsoring this race event, any involved municipalities or public entities, and all of their employees, agents, officers, directors, attorneys, members, sponsors promoters and affiliates whosoever from any and all liability, claim, loss, cost or expense for personal injury, death or property damage or execution of this sled dog event, or my participation therein, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above.

    Once you've submitted your registration, use PayPal to pay the fee

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