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The board has met and decided that we will not be having the races this year. There are many factors involved in this decision, the biggest being the lack of man power to pull it off. We decided to bench it for this year and we will be  looking for people interested in taking the races on into the future. If we cannot find anyone we will decide whether to dissolve the club at that time.  Myself and Missy will be resigning our positions on the board and Ray will be moving next year, so he would only be available to help with this year.


This is bitter sweet for myself as I have really enjoyed my 10 years with the races but I have grown weary of doing so much with so little. 


Please feel free to give my number to people who may be interested in taking over the Chemult Sled Dog Races. I will be available as a technical advisor for a new board and would be willing to serve in the role of registration but I no longer want the responsibility of the President. Hey I would even take a turn in the food wagon J I started there and really enjoyed it!!


Thanks again for everything,


Erin Sutton

Chemult Sled Dog Races Board