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 Due to unmanageable snow conditions for March 1-3,  we rescheduled the race for March 15-17!!    





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The Bachelor Butte Dog Derby is a return to racing sled dogs in the Cascade mountains near Bend/Sunriver, Oregon. 
The event is scheduled for March 1-3, 2019 at Wanoga Sno-park.   
This is an opportunity to experience the splendor of the the
Cascades and
contest one's dog team on world class terrain. 
The courses will be challenging and the classes offered somewhat nostalgic. 



Class Description~

The 1.5 mile course is an out-and-back trail though short it is still challenging as far as hill climbing.  It is geared for anyone with just a few dogs; kids and adults;  Skis or sled.

The 5-mile course is  loop that features some climbing; tight, downhill turns, a mile long straight-away.  This will be a 5-dog maximum for sprint teams and a separate 3-dog ski-jor event. 

The  9 mile course follows the 5-mile, with a challenging 4 mile loop tacked on. We also offer a 9-mile advanced skijor race.

Mid-distance drivers will enjoy the 7-dog 15-mile class, set to be in line with other mid-6 or 8 dog events in the Pacific Northwest.  
Stage race for 7-13 Dogs (25 miles/day) pool of 15 dogs.  Each day's trail will be the same 25 mile trail staged from the Wanoga Sno-Park.  

Stage Race Rules


Check out the Race Schedule for event times and locations.  Stage racers will start on Friday afternoon, then on Saturday and Sunday all classes will run starting at 8:30am.  This is event also offers low-key social gatherings scheduled for every day.


Race Notes: 

 Mandatory drivers’ meeting for all racers will be at the Wanoga Sno-Park in the warming shelter on each day one hour before race start. 

 Sled and ski teams will be segregated on each course.

 Helmets are suggested for all participants and strongly recommended for juniors.


Contact Cyndi Smidt at:  cynsmidt@gmail.com or Polly Riley plriley22@gmail.com or 541-420-1063

Course Information
Course maps:   Course Descriptions: 
     1.5 mile course map  1.5 mile course description
     5 mile course map     5 mile course description
     9 mile course map   9 mile course description
     15 mile course map - Saturday  Sunday  15 mile course description - Saturday  Sunday
     25 mile course map - Friday  Saturday  Sunday  25 mile course description - Friday  Saturday  Sunday


Remember that Deschutes National Forest requires that all straw - including the straw in your dog boxes - be certified weed free!


A Big Thank you to all of our Sponsors!